A fabulous pass around the outside of two cars to take the lead and secure Richard Moore the race two vuictory at Hampton Downs were the two higlights of a race overshadowed by a massive crash involving Brett Rudd and Glen Collinson.

Rudd was pitched into the pit lane entrance at the fastest part of the circuit after contact with Matt Spratt and was then fired into oncoming traffic, which included Collinson's Falcon. It was one of the worst possible scenarios for an accident at the track, but thankfully after the dust had settled and safety crews reached both drivers, they were able to get out of their vehicles and walk away. Both were battered and bruised after the monster impact, but happy that the superb safety features of the V8 racing utes, their harnesses, seats and HANS devices had protected them from serious injury.

The race was stopped for some time for the mess to be cleared up on the main straight after the incident and when it finally restarted it was Geoff SPencer who led away and Chris Hanley who quickly found himself in second place. Lurking in third though was Richard Moore, who had been leading the race before it was stopped and had to restart in third, where he had been one lap earlier than the incident. When he saw the opportunity to pass Hanley's Placemakers Holden at Turn 2, he took it and had enough momentum to try for SOS too, and amazingly he mad the pass stick and took the lead.

Spratt kept the pressure on to eventually finish third, while Hanley was a delighted second in only his second race back in a Holden.