Flying season farewell for Manuell

Paul Manuell signed off the V8 Ute season in style with a lights to flag victory in the final race of the 2018-2019 season at Hampton Downs.

Manuell, who started from pole position having secured the most points over the first and second races, got the hole shot at the start and had a couple of car lengths as the field streamed into the first turn, with the pack led by Peter Ward in the Ward Demolition Holden, Alexandra Whitley in the LDV Vans Holden, new champion Matthew Spratt in his Primogrow Ford, Glen Collinson in the DNA Paints Ford, Andrew Porter in his PorterHire Holden and Geoff Spencer in the Coresteel Buildings Holden all in hot pursuit.

Manuell produced a very quick first lap to take a comfortable lead in the early laps, and it was Ward who led the charge in second, initially fending off Whitley before Spratt loomed large in his mirrors. Spratt waited a couple of laps before pouncing, taking second and then settling into his own sequence of fast laps.

Behind Ward in third, the focus was on Collinson and Porter but any hopes they had of finishing in the runner up spot in the championship was lost when heavy contact of the front of Collinson's Ford and the rear of Porter's Holden at the downhill sweeper sent Andrew into the gravel and Glen into the pits with a squashed front bumper preventing airflow to the radiator.

That meant a Safety Car while Porter's car was dragged back onto the track. He was able to keep going and as the field got the green light with two laps to go Manuell again made the best getaway while behind those two Whitley got a fantastic run down the inside of Ward and was able to hang on for a few corners and convert it into third, leaving Ward in fourth with a very fired up Spencer biting his ankles behind in fifth.

As Manuell took the flag the order of the top five remained unchanged, though further back contact between Simon Ussher and Brett Rudd sent the United Freight Ford into a huge spin ion the exit of the final turn. That moment allowed Jeff Kernohan to grab sixth in the KCH Ford Falcon, coming home ahead of Rudd's Pallet Supplies LOSCAM Holden in seventh, David Kernohan's KCH Ford Falcon in eighth and Brent Main in the Ryco 82C entry and Stu Monteith’ s Trade Freight Holden rounding out the top ten for the second race in a row.


NZ V8 Utes - Round 4 Hampton Downs - Race 2 Result


1. Paul Manuell - Superfreight Partmaster Holden           

2. Matthew Spratt - Primogrow Ford

3. Alexandra Whitley - LDV Vans Holden               

4. Peter Ward - Ward Demolition Holden            

5. Geoff Spencer - Coresteel Buildings Holden     

6. Jeff Kernohan - KCH Ford         

7. Brett Rudd - Pallet Supplies LOSCAM Holden   

8. David Kernohan - KCH Ford 

9. Brent Main - Ryco 82C Ford

10. Stu Monteith - Trade Freight Holden 

11. Joe Farre - Ward Demolition Holden                

12.  David Lowe - Ryco 82C Ford

13. Mark Weal - Ford Falcon BF                 

14. Liam Porter - PorterHire Ford     

15. Derek Tremewan - Ford Falcon BF    

16. Simon Ussher - United Freight Ford 

17. Andrew Porter - PorterHire Holden                  

18. Glen Collinson - DNA Paints Ford