Richard 'Danger' Moore had his hands full in a four way fight throughout the first race of the weekend in the PORTERGROUP V8 Utes, but held on to win despite intense pressure from series leader Paul 'Auto' Manuell, Matthew 'Stinger' Spratt and Glen 'Coyote' Collinson.

There was some consolation for Manuell after a hard fought second place, with a new lap record for V8 Utes going the way of the Partmaster Holden, beating a record set by his old mate Andy Booth two years ago.

Spratt could not capitalise on his strong pole position and was beaten away in the drag race to the first corner by Moore, who immediately went into a heavily defensive mode as the Stinger attacked and attacked again in the first three corners. Manuell was also on the attack and Collinson also looked a serious threat on the first lap with a daring move at the infield hairpin that launched him through Manuell and into third, alongside Spratt.

It was a great battle throughout the race, but some very skilful defence kept Moore ahead. Try as he might Spratt could not get by and eventually capitulated second to Manuell in the dog fight, which immediately allowed the former champ to take a new attack to current champ Moore. It was gripping stuff and had a big crowd on their feet.

The eight lap sprint went very quickly - though probably not for Moore - and at the flag the four were still nose to tail, with Collinson trying a daring move up the inside on Spratt as the two raced to the flag. Ultimately though, the finishing order settled at Moore, Manuell, Spratt and Collinson.

As well as the front four dog fight, there was also an intense battle in midfield invoicing Chris Hanley, Andrew Porter, Peter Ward, Alexandra Whitley and Brett Rudd, and a further battle for the minor placings behind them, with a notable scrap between the father and son duo of Jeff and Dave Kernohan.

This was all eventually resolved with Hanley taking fifth despite a wild off on the infield, ahead of series returnee Peter 'Kaos' Ward. Geoff 'SOS' Spencer too seventh, with Alexandra Whitley putting in another clean drive in the LDV backed Holden to take eighth ahead of Brett 'The Scud' Rudd with Andrew 'Hireman' Porter rounding out the top ten after his own eventful race.


POS        NO.        DRIVER                                 UTE                       


1              1             Richard Moore                  Holden

2              15           Paul Manuell                      Holden                

3              48           Matt Spratt                         Ford      

4              17           Glen Collinson                   Ford                      

5              90           Chris Hanley                       Ford                      

6              69           Peter Ward                         Holden                

7              22           Geoff Spencer                  Holden

8              48           Alexandra Whitley           Holden

9              99           Brett Rudd                        Holden                

10           3              Andrew Porter                  Holden                               

11           21           Jeff Kernohan                     Ford                      

12           23           Sam Fillmore                      Holden                                                

13           12           Dave Kernohan                   Ford                      

14           18           Jason Land                          Ford                                                      

15           94           Simon Ussher                    Ford                      

16           82           Brent Main                         Ford      

17           84           Dave Lowe                          Ford