James Urquhart

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Mitre10 Trade Racing
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Too Much!!!

Mitre10 Trade, New Balance, CRC, Colour Worx, BOC gases

Fan Info: 

Occupation: Farmer/Contractor

Racing History: Have done plenty of racing on the water but this is my first attack on the tarmac.

What made you want to get involved in racing? Done quite a few laps of Pukekohe in my road car - HSV R8 Murph limited edition - and thought I'd better invest in something with a cage before I introduced myself to the (safety) barriers.

Does anyone else in your family race? No family history of racing but I intend to introduce my kids when they are old enough.

Do you have any pre race rituals? No pre race rituals as yet but hey, watch this space!

What's your fitness regime? Fitness regime... yeah the team keep mentioning that too!

What's your dream road car? Maserati Quattroporte, closest thing to sex on wheels I've seen.

What's your current road car? HSV R8 Murph Limited Edition, build no. 1

What's your favourite race car to watch? V8 Supercars of course! Go the Murph!

Favourite Food: Surf and Turf - best of both worlds.

Favourite Drink: Whiskey and Dry thanks!

Favourite TV Show: NCIS

Favourite Movie: Top Gun

Favourite Book: Anything by Ludlum

Favourite Music Type: Wide range - depends on my mood.

Favourite Actor: Robin Williams

Favourite Actress: Cameron Diaz

Favourite sport (other than motorsport): What? There is sport other than motorsport?

What career would you most like to try if you were not doing what you are doing now? Job at Top Gear! what a cool job!

Which three people would you most like to have dinner with (dead or alive)? My father in-law, 'cause we all miss him, Greg Murphy and Marcus Ambrose, imagine the entertainment!!

Favourite Saying: Have a teaspoon of cement and harden up!!