Geoff Spencer

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Date of Birth: 
Place of Birth: 
Place of Residence: 
Palmerston North

Corosteel Buildings, Jackson Enterprises, NZ Steel, Konnect, SOS Hydration

Fan Info: 

Why Holden? Just look at the VE

Racing History: Kartsport since 2003, limited Clubmans racing

Favourite Circuit: Manfield

What got you started in racing? The formation of the Ute racing series

Do your family support you in your quest? My wife and my father is our pit boy.

Do you have any pre race rituals? Usually getting into racing gear helps.This is best done by putting race suit on before boots & helmet on before gloves.

Have you ever had a major motor vehicle accident? Put Fathers company car through the front porch of the squash club at 15yrs old.

What's your current fitness regime? Play squash 3x week, running & gym

Favourite race tactic: Ripper starts.

Favourite all time driver: Ayrton Senna

Favourite Food: Thai

Favourite Drink: Beer - Steinlager Pure

Favourite TV Show: Joey

Favourite Movie: Grease

Favourite Book: Richard Hammond On The Edge

Favourite Actor: Ben Stiller

Favourite Actress: Cameron Diaz

Favourite Sports (other than motorsport): Squash, golf, tennis

Best High School Subject: Maths

Current Road Car: Toyota double cab sheep shagger

Dream Road Car: Audi RS4, Aston Martin

First Ever Road Car: Ford Prefect

What career would you most like to try if you were not doing what you are doing now? Chef or car cleaner

If you could invite four people (alive or bring them back from the dead) to dinner, who would they be? Steve Williams, Craig Lowndes, Possum Bourne, Cameron Diaz

If Hollywood made a movie about you, who would want you to play your part? Austin Powers